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Page history last edited by Makoto Inoue 12 years, 4 months ago


 1978th.net is the personal blog of Mikio Hirabayashi, the creator of Tokyo Cabinet, Tokyo Tyrant, and so on.


The following are all the contents from his Japanese technical blog. I (Makoto Inoue) will try to summarise some blog entries from time to time (no guarantee).  

For the time being, please try http://translate.google.com (If you already tried and have good understanding of some blog entries, please do contribute). 



  1. I got a permission from Mikio san to translate his personal blog entries. However, any article with "from mixi blog" do not 100% belong to him, so I will refrain from translating these entries to avoid any copyright issues for now.
  2. If you have any preference on which blogs to be translated in higher priority, please put your name after each title.
  3. I will more likely summarise each entry, rather than translating line by line. If you find certain part to be explained more detail, please comment as such.
  4. If you find any spelling or grammer mistakes, please do edit. Your contribution is much appreciated. 


Table Of Content (Japanse version of toc is here )




All articles below this line are from mixi blog unless specified otherwise


  • かんたんCMS「Tokyo Promenade」の便利機能 = Tokyo Promenade functionalities. 
  • テーブルDBの実数型インデックスをサポート  = How I implemented Table DB floating index
  • 新サイトオープン = Launching new site (personal)
  • その他の過去資料 = Other document archives (personal)
  • かんたんCMS 「Tokyo Promenade」を使おう = Introduction to Tokyo Promenade 
  • オレオレ検索窓を設置しよう = BYO search box
  • 転置インデックスを実装しよう = How I implemented Inverted Index of Tokyo Cabinet
  • 3行でできる超お手軽全文検索 = Table DB use case : 3 line search
  • 100行のCプログラムでWebチャットを実装する方法 =  Writing Web Chat in 100 C line 
  • データベースの動的デフラグ = DB dynamic deflag
  • プラグインで独自ストレージを作ろう = Tokyo Tyrant use case: BYO storage with Plugin
  • PerlとRubyで省メモリなハッシュを使おう = Tokyo Cabinet use case: Using TC on memory hash to speed up Perl & Ruby hash
  • MapReduce on Tyrant
  • DBMによるテーブルデータベース その五 Table DB (Part 5) 
  • DBMによるテーブルデータベース その四 Table DB (Part 4) 
  • DBMによるテーブルデータベース その参 Table DB (Part 3) 
  • DBMによるテーブルデータベース その弐 Table DB (Part 2) 
  • DBMによるテーブルデータベース Table DB (Part 1)
  • Tokyo Tyrantによるリアルタイム検索 = Tokyo Tyrant use case : Real time search
  • 各種マップ実装の性能比較 = Benchmarking TC on memory mapping with other C++ implementation
  • 言語バインディングを書こう その弐 = Let's write binding (Part 2)
  • Lua on Tyrant: DBサーバにLLを組み込む = Lua on Tyrant
  • Tokyo (Cabinet|Tyrant)の新機能 = TC/ TT new features
  • 圧縮データベースを使おう = Compressing TC
  • Tokyo Dystopiaの設計思想 = Designing Tokyo Dystopia 
  • Tokyo Tyrantによる耐高負荷DBの構築 = Tokyo Tyrant use case : Building HA DB
  • Tokyo TyrantによるHAハッシュDBサーバの構築 = Tokyo Tyrant use case : Building HA Hash DB
  • DBMによるデータベースサーバ = Introduction to Tokyo Tyrant
  • 最適化しよう? = Optimization?
  • 言語バインディングを書こう = Let's write binding (Part 1)
  • manを書こう = Let's write man page
  • Inside Tokyo Cabinet その五 = Inside Tokyo Cabinet (Part 5)
  • Inside Tokyo Cabinet その四 = Inside Tokyo Cabinet (Part 4)
  • Inside Tokyo Cabinet その参 = Inside Tokyo Cabinet (Part 3)
  • Inside Tokyo Cabinet その弐 = Inside Tokyo Cabinet (Part 2)
  • Inside Tokyo Cabinet その壱 = Inside Tokyo Cabinet (Part 1)
  • 作者が語る Hyper Estraierのすべて = Hyper Estraiser (from software design 2007 March)
  • 超弩級全文検索システムHyper Estraier = Hyper Estraiser (from open source magazine 2006 April)
  • ハッカー養成塾!: はじめなきゃ はじまらない = How to become a hacker: Let's start something. (from open source magazine 2006 April)




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